The Word With a Nerd Podcast – Episode Five – The Fake Geek Girl Fallacy with Tammy Weselman – Part Two

“An interesting conversation, about interesting topics, with interesting people.”

Greetings and Salutations,

This week’s episode we continue the discussion with my friend Tammy Weselman and we’ll be continuing our discussions from last weeks episode on Fake Geek Girls and Nerd Culture, as well as other various topics including Peter Jackson movies, mockumentaries, and even gaming.

NOTE: I unintentially drop a couple of Ender’s Game spoilers from discussing the book; which normally wouldn’t be an issue as it is an old book however there is the new movie coming out, although their may be discrepancies between the two I still would recommend skipping at the 27 minute mark for about 5 minutes just to be on the safe side… better still just read the damn book (and ignore Orson Scott Card’s recent anti-homosexual rantings).

I apologise in advance for the audio quality of both the environment and my voice (and the occasional un-editable noises associated with a fresh dose of the flu), whilst I do endeavour to get decent sound quality for these recordings, the rest of the world sometimes conspires against me.

Warning: There is some mild cursing, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from two grown adults. If this language is bothersome then please do not download this podcast.

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(Approx Run Time: 50 minutes 08 seconds)


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