The Word With a Nerd Podcast – Episode Four – The Fake Geek Girl Fallacy with Tammy Weselman – Part One

“An interesting conversation, about interesting topics, with interesting people.”

Greetings and Salutations,

This week’s episode I talk to my friend Tammy Weselman and we’ll be talking about different issues, with a focus on the ‘Fake Geek Girl’ issue as well as sexism within fandom and problems with online culture.

I apologise in advance for the audio quality of both the environment and my voice (and the occasional un-editable noises associated with a fresh dose of the flu), whilst I do endeavour to get decent sound quality for these recordings, the rest of the world sometimes conspires against me.

Some of the topics and language may offend some people and if you find issues like sexism and racism (and words typically associated with them), although these issues are not taken lightly within this discussion, does offend then please do not download this podcast.

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(Approx Run Time: 53 minutes 40 seconds)


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