Con Report: Armageddon Melbourne 2012 – Sunday

NOTE: I started writing this almost immediately after the con, but only got as far as the first paragraph before torn away from my laptop to never return (I at least saved the draft). That being said it’s taken me over a week to get back to this entry so I’ll probably miss a few things that would have been fresher in my mind. Either way enjoy!


Whoa, what a day. I went in my most brilliant costume ever devised, a pedestrian… okay I just went in civies, partly due to fatigue but mostly was because I wanted to take some costume photos for a change. The one thing I’ve missed doing these past few Supanovas is I haven’t been able to take photos of awesome cosplayers, although I did try this year but taking my Captain America kite shield kinda killed the mood (it was bulky, hard to weld when shooting and kept knocking in my camera lens).

So most of the day was spent just walking the con and taking photographs. And as with all conventions there was a couple of lines I had to wait in so I could get my autographs, although the only line that took a long time was for Christopher Judge (a.k.a. Teal’c from Stargate SG-1), who was super cool, as was Bruce Boxleitner who I both got signatures for my mom (see, whose a good son because she totally gave me the cash to do so). I also got a signature from the totally awesome Aldis Hodge, who plays the hacker Hardison in one of my all time favourite shows Leverage, who loved my Wil Wheaton Code T-Shirt.

I spent some time chatting with the builder of a TARDIS photobooth, talking about various prop related things and I was drilling him for information about how he built his TARDIS (because I’m hoping to build one next year .. fingers crossed). After that spent some time at the Connected Community HackerSpace booth absolutely drooling over their 3D printers (okay, one was building a TARDIS at the time as well.. but I so want one) and just trying to absorb all the information I could have them.

In the afternoon I also filmed the Rebel Empire Workshops performance called ‘Ulterior Motives’ as well as going completely snap happy at their Cosplay competition show, then again the costumes where amazing and some of the skits nearly hurt me from laughing so much. One day all this stuff will make it’s way onto the interwebs, but for now I’m still getting over the trip.

Although to top off the convention as we were leaving someone tried to barge his way back onto the con floor whilst they were packing up, and he started being abusive to security he was picked up by several guards and ejected from the exhibition centre, and after a while the cops shown up and took him away. Before he started getting abusive he was shouting that Global Gear (one of the vendors at the con) had ripped him off for $2000, and then started to accuse a security guard of stealing his mobile phone. From what we heard later on was that all the convention staff and security were on notification about this guy and was apparently waiting from him to pull something like this. I personally don’t know if his grievances are true or not, he did seem genuinely upset when he was ejected from the building, but he pretty much lost any kind of sympathy to his problem when he became abusive.

The night was pretty much spent resting up and eating pizza (oh the Dominoes was better then our local ones, although the Nando’s wasn’t as good), although I started getting the Ghostbuster gear packed up and ready for the flight back (mostly so I didn’t have to deal with it and didn’t have to rush on the day we return).

It feels strange that I should be typing a lot more, it just doesn’t feel like I’ve summed up the experience quite enough, but that’s pretty much it as far as note worthy events. That being said there was a lot time just walking the convention and at least 30-45 minutes was spent in a line chatting with some Stargate fans (anyone else love getting into great conversations with complete strangers whilst waiting?). Either way that’s the con report, maybe I’ll try putting together some of my other Melbourne experiences down at some point in the near future.

Be excellent to each other…


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