Con Report: Armageddon Melbourne 2012 – Saturday

Hey folks,

On my previous blog site I would do a convention report, usually the evening of the convention itself, generally talking about things that occurred or how I felt about the convention, the guests, and well everything else. Sadly I haven’t reported on the last couple I’ve attended but I figured now would be a good time to do a report whilst I’m in sunny (for once) Melbourne about yesterday’s convention.

So first off it was the big Ghostbusters Australia meetup, with busters from about 3 different states joining up with some of the local boys to fend up the upcoming Armageddon. It was a long day in the pack as we got there at 8am and although our numbers diminished over the day, the last of us didn’t leave until at least after 4pm*. We all had a lot of fun posing with and for people at the convention and it was a great time all round.

Personally I got to meet with Aldis Hodge, who plays Hardison from one of my favourite shows Leverage, who was just so supremely awesome and cool.┬áMy friend and fellow buster Jon Goon and I had a couple of awesome shots taken with Aldis and I’m getting his signature when I go back to the con this afternoon.

We also got our photo taken with Tron himself, Bruce Boxlietner (after a quick check to make sure I spelt that right), who was actually taller then me AND looked way younger then the last time I saw him on the tube. Bruce was cool and Jon geeked out asking him a couple of quick questions about Tron and Daft Punk.

One of the most surreal and awesome experiences came from meeting with Fil Barlow, one of the designers on the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon. Whilst unfortunately I wasn’t really a fan of EGB, Jon was and he was there with his EGB pack and PKE and was completely geeking out. I thought his artwork was cool and then I found out he was the monster designer on the (sadly) short lived Godzilla cartoon based off the awful 90’s American movie, and yes sure that movie sucked but the cartoon was AWESOME!!! Oh then I found out that he worked on a couple of really awesome cartoons I grew up with like Captain N: The Game Master and I just lost my shit and went total fanboy.

There is probably a few more things I should put down, but I’m getting ready to go to for another bout of nerding out. So I’ll post more later on tonight if I’m feeling up to it.



* Just to put this is some context, the actors on set would only ever have their packs on for 10 minute stints, often complaining about the weight for that entire stretch. I personally had my pack on since 7:30 am till I got back to the apartment at 4pm, and yes I was a wreck afterwards but it was so worth it.

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