The 2016 Ghostbusters Trailer – First Thoughts.

Okay, I’ve just finished watching the trailer and I’m about fifty/fifty on it. The fifty that I loved was primarily stuff involving the sci-fi aspects, the movie does look incredible, the CGI ghosts so look really cool, their version of the headquarters did make me giggle, and I admit the lit up packs look a lot better then the images we’ve been given so far… however the things that primarily turn me off are some of the humour, and that’s the part I’m genuinely worried about.

I don’t particularly like comedy trailers because they usually ruin all the best gags before the screen, that being said there looks to be pretty good stuff in there but everything else just looks like pandering to either lowest common denominator or “how that one guy got slimed and it was funny so we’re going to up the sliming because it means it’s more funny”. Ultimately I guess a lot of the broader American humour is just not for me, and I think I’ve always thought the humour in the original was at least a little more sophisticated or at the very least interesting and original for the time. I admit I do tend to have more British sensibilities and have pretty much ignored most comedy that comes out of the US, which is sad because there is some great comedy there but it’s never in their mainstream media; hell I’ve been listening to more US stand up than ever before and there is some absolutely hilarious stuff on YouTube.

The saddest things for me was the call back to the original movie, which has always been my biggest sticking point, and watching that make me ache more for the originals than anything (especially seeing Hook and Ladder 8). I’d have given it more kudos if it didn’t do that because all I kept thinking about throughout the rest of the trailer is, “Why does this have to be a reboot?” I know they’re wanting to have a fresh start, I know they’re wanting to have the new cast with new tech, I intellectually know this is probably better all round for newer audiences… but it doesn’t help that they’ve basically filled it with cameos of the original cast, it doesn’t help that they’re keeping the iconography around like the logo, the white Cadillac, a remix of the classic song (because heaven forbid there could be some originality), and all it could have taken was at least acknowledging it was potentially in the same continuity for all of that to make sense to me.

I guess as a comic book fan I can grok the idea of multiple universes and “What If’s?”, and there is talks of another all-male team in the works (because having a sequel developed before the movie is even a success they wish it to be), but it still feels like a slap in the face for the fans that did keep the franchise alive and in the public conscious… certainly more then some studio executive ever did.

My problem is I wanted to like this trailer, I wanted to know that all my misgivings about this reboot would be washed away when I saw what they were actually doings, but ultimately I feel more confused because there I can see some merit to this production and yet my doubts also feel more reinforced. I will admit I feel more confident about watching the movie than I was when all the first few teasers images first emerged, and I guess I genuinely do want it to succeed to a certain degree because I do love this franchise so much, but am I wanting with anticipation? Sadly no.

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