International TableTop Day

Hey all,

Sorry about the lack of updates over the last month or so, but life has been getting increasingly busy of late and most of my time has been gearing up for events, or making costumes for them (some hopefully to be shown on here in the new future).

One of the biggest things I’ve been gearing up for is happening April 5th and that is International TableTop Day, in which a few friends and I will be hosting the Perth TableTop Day of Awesome over at the Rebel Empire Workshops studio in Maddington. This leads me to the one thing I’ve kinda been dying to put out but wanted to keep it somewhat hush-hush until the day, but I’m going to leak it the night before… partly because I’ve just finished it and I’m excited by the result, but mostly because I want to link it to Wil Wheaton and hopefully he’ll actually see it.

I made an unofficial TableTop expansion for one of my favourite games Cards Against Humanity, naturally called ‘TableTop Against Humanity’ featuring as many CAH cards I could find created by Wil (and some from his awesome wife Anne), and the rest were made by me based on the show and numerous gaming experiences. Haven’t had a chance to play test it yet, so feedback will be appreciated and I hope you get all the references.

Download here!
TAH_final tah_white_back1 tah_black_back1

Please share and enjoy, and as Wil likes to say “Play more games!”

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