Fanboy Crossing The Website V4.0

Hello everyone,

After nearly a year of inaction, and several barrages of spambots constantly registering and cluttering my old website (seriously I could believe figure out how to log in half the time and they still not only log in but fill up the blog with useless junk…. WTF!) I have decided to get around to converting it to a blog. This is due to a) a move away from a stuffy boring old site that barely gets touched to a resource for upcoming projects and assorted tidbits, and b) moving away from an incredibly poorly designed page editor I was forced to deal with as part of my service. Whilst I know my way around html, php and css is practically a foreign language to me so I couldn’t build a blog style website to save my life, or at least without having to rewrite several pages of html every time I updated.

Sadly not much has progress for Fanboy Crossing since last year’s ‘The Game’, mostly due to other commitments, but I’m starting to get on track to producing and/or directing a couple of productions hopefully within the next year. It’ll be nice to get behind the guy behind the camera and get some videos rolling in the near future. I’d like to say more, but things are still being sorted at this stage and it’s mostly out of my hands.

In the meantime I’m hoping to get back into writing, script and otherwise, and hoping to post more stuff online in the near future, maybe even get a proper full blown kick-ass website running again.

Til next time


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