State of the WWaN Announcement

I made an announcement the other week on Facebook about the current status of the podcast, but foolishly forgot to make a post about it here. I apologize for that, I’m going to copypasta the announcement here and it’ll explain why there has been no update.

Important Announcement!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I unexpectedly started a new job this last week and haven’t had a moment to finish editing the second half of last week’s podcast. Between the new job and coordinating Perth’s Allied Costumers inclusion in this year’s Channel 7 Christmas Pageant on this Saturday, I’ve barely had time to sleep.

So with a heavy heart I’ve decided the podcast will have to go on a short hiatus until the new year, although I’ll endeavor to get the second part of the interview with Toby out before then.

Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and I’ll see you all next year! – Your Nerd Simon.

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